Fibromyalgia awareness day and mental health awareness week 2021.

I love that there are dates carved out that provide a dedicated opportunity to raise awareness, share stories and reflect on where we are heading in terms of mental health and chronic illness.

This year I have reflected a lot on how committed I am to my recovery, and how fortunate I am to have such an incredible support network enabling me to aspire to my goals.

I would really like to share gratitude to everyone featured in these pics and share some examples of how the people included have, and continue to contribute to me living my best life.

I hope in doing so it raises some awareness of how you might be able to help a friend with fibro, and/or a mental health condition and indicates to everyone that you don’t have to face anything on your own.

Friends, family and furry creatures:
Helping me shop, cook, clean.
Driving me to and from socials, medical apps, gigs, events, festivals, a nice view, the cinema, the beach.
Helping me navigate/interpret maps and text when I can’t read/understand information.
Carrying my bag or tent at a festival.
Watching Bad Boys 2 with me.
Watching Pitch Perfect 1, 2 and/or 3 with me, and tolerating me singing along.
Asking how the latest pain management plan is progressing.
Encouraging me to nap so I don’t burn out before the next bit of organised fun.
Making space for my melt downs.
Giving me a gentle but firm boot up the arse.
Exercising with me.
Keeping a log of the obscur places I have put things when I have lost them.

Listening to me.
Making me the centre of my story.
Providing instant and/or long lasting pain relief.
Creating safe spaces to explore thoughts, feelings and creativity.
Improving my confidence in my abilities.

Chronic illness community:
A safe space to vent and not fear criticism.
Encouragement to try new things.
A place to explore new ideas and methods.
Normalising everything I think and feel.

Thank you

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