Insta vs reality

I have felt physically buggered the past few days. The root cause and trigger was (and almost nearly always is) unexpected and unavoidable stress.

Impact: disturbed sleep, fatigue, fog, increased levels of pain in wrists, left hip, knees and left middle-lower back, reduced social interaction, prioritising self care over house work etc.

This morning I found myself still in bed at 10am feeling rubbish and hopeless, scrolling aimlessly through Instagram, avoiding what I knew would help bring me out the flare sized funk.

I called myself out to a mate via voice note. They immediately called me for a joint “I don’t wanna adult” sized winge.

This winge resulted in my stomach aching from the game of Instagram vs reality we held with parts of our homes, swapping my pjs for sportswear and getting outside for the run I wanted to have done by lunch time.

My knees are now on ACTUAL fire, my hip is NOT happy and my back isn’t sure how it feels, my wrists are aggy but my mood? My mood is GREAT! As is my energy! My sense of achievement is also through the fucking roof with the PBs achieved.

I’m really happy with the progress I’m making with my running. I hope it is clear to anyone following that it isn’t an overnight achievement. I also hope it acts as encouragement to try whatever it is you have been thinking about but have held back for fear of flare up/judgement.

With the game my friend and I played this morning in mind, it felt only right to document and share my insta vs reality with my run today.

#invisibleillness #fibrofit #fibromyalgia #proud #instavsreality #thisgirlcan #PB #selfcare

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