I like to move it move it

Whether we wanna hear it or not moving our bodies IS good for us! It helps ease aches and pains, improves energy, improves sleep and gets the happy chemicals in our brains buzzing about to boost your mood and over all mental health!

Exercise IS essential to pain management. Finding the right way to exercise for your body IS essential. Going to the gym is not!

I LOVE music, I LOVE to dance and I LOVE giving my mind time and space to strengthen and build itself to be the best it can be as often as I am able to.

During lockdown Emma from @drumnbounce took her unique fitneee classes to Facebook live to keep her followers moving and I am SO happy to learn she has found a way to keep the classes live and online!

Combine the beats of a late night tare up at a festival with some easy to follow steps (that build into an epic routine) and add in the LOVELIEST, most INCLUSIVE instructor you could ever wish for and you start to get an idea of how great DRUM N BOUNCE FITNESS is! 

Check out the @drumnbounce page on insta and fb for more details or search for classes on the Gym Catch app to book in and have a bounce from the comfort of your own home/garden!

#FIBROMYALGIA #invisibleillness #fibrofit #thisgirlcan #iliketomoveitmoveit #drumnbounce #mentalhealthtoolbox #keepmoving #moveasmuchasyoucan #movement #moveyourbody #FIBROFACEOFF

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