Time out

I called a time out on social media and the news a few weeks back.
I did this because every time I logged in and scrolled through, it affected my mood negatively.
Despite being part of THE most kick ass community on here I was continually feeling helpless, angered and fearful of the world that was being projected through my screen.
Like a bajillion other people the past few months have left me feeling powerless and confused. The changes we have all had to adjust to with the pandemic and heart breaking scenes of racism and violence proved too much for me to want to engage. It felt necessary to withdraw.
Doing so offered my head a breather and time to refocus on the things I hold influence over: my health and my happiness.
Going forward I’m going to continue to take regular breaks from the newsfeed, read more, talk more and keep a close eye on the impact of the content I am consuming.
I hope everyone is striving, thriving and if nothing else surviving.
2020 has been savage, let’s continue to support each other and spread kindness always!

timeout #balance #newsfeed #fibromyalgia #invisibleillness #socialmedia #mentalhealth #breather #spreadkindess

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