Mindfulness. A discipline and tool I added to my fibro and anxiety tool box back in 2013.

What it IS: “it is paying attention in a particular way; on purpose in the present and non judgementally”. It is living in and being accepting of “the moment”. It is identifying, thoughts, feelings and emotions, taking note, accepting them and letting them go. It is regaining some control. It is a discipline. It is a scientifically proved way of reducing and managing stress, anxiety and depression without medication. It is a commitment to yourself and your health.

It is NOT: A cult. A religion. Easy. An over night cure. Purely meditation based.

In episode 31 of chronic victory podcast myself and David discuss and debate our experiences of mindfulness. As well as the misconceptions that can develop around it when it’s not practiced or taught effectively.

The book pictured along with a one to one course with my occupational therapist 7 years ago lead me to truly understand the science and the medical benefits of this practice. I’m currently revisiting the content of the book through the audible version.

Whether you’re a reader or a listener I highly recommend trying either of the versions available to further your understanding of the benefits it can bring to your life.

#mindfulness #stressawarenessmonth #stress #anxiety #FIBROMYALGIA #invisibleillness #chronicvictorypodcast #mentalhealthtoolbox

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