Chronic Victory Podcast featuring Fibro Face Off

TIME TO FACE OFF is the title of mine and David Manthey’s conversation on the latest episode of @chronicvictorypodcast

I’m a huge fan of David’s work and his mission to share and support others with chronic illness. If you want honesty, lived experience and genuinely motivating ‘real talk’ delivered in an empathic supportive way I emplore you to find and follow his pages.

I’m so proud and honoured to have been invited to feature on his show and even more proud to consider David a friend following our collaboration.
Having two conditions in common (Fibromyalgia and PTSD) it felt reassuring, safe and comforting to discuss and share my experiences of both with him on this platform. I hope anyone listening with the same or similar conditions can take something positive from this.

In this weeks episode I discuss and share some of my experiences of: Fibromyalgia, PTSD, psychosis, toxic people, medication, diet and grounding techniques.

I’m really proud of this and I’m really grateful to those who have already listened and contacted me with such lovely feedback.

Search Chronic Victory podcast on @spotify @apple or @buzzsprout alternatively copy and paste these links:

I am on episode 23 and will feature on episode 24 release date 17.02.20

#FIBROMYALGIA #invisibleillness #PTSD #podcast #chronicvictorypoday #stayinthefight #fibrofaceoff #collaboration

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