When nature calls

Have spotted the “not every disability is visible” signage on toilets a couple of times on my travels recently. It makes my face smile a lot when I do and I hope to see lots more of it in the future!

I, like many others in the #invisibleillness community may not (always) look like I need to use accessible toilets but sometimes I do. The reasons for this are personal and quite embarrassing to explain when the need to relieve is imminent!

Only once have I had the humiliating experience of being challenged when trying to access the disabled toilet (locked and located on the ground floor of a restaurant). I opted for it because on that particular day I couldn’t face climbing a bajillion stairs to get to the ladies. The embarrassment of that moment ruined what had been a great time out with a friend and was totally unnecessary.

Signage like this is a huge step in the right direction. It encourages individuals to decide for themselves when it is and isn’t necessary to use public facilities like a disabled toilet. Most importantly, it massively helps reduce the anxiety about being judged or challenged when nature calls.

Shout out to Morrisons superstore in Ipswich for repping this inclusive logo!

#invisibleillness #fibromyalgia #noteverydisabilityisvisible #signage #fibrofaceoff #stigma #disability #chronicillness

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