Feed your fibro

It’s been ten days since I kick started back on the #nogluten #nodairy #nosugar #nocaffeine approach of my diet and my body is rewarding me with reminders of why I should stick to it.
My sleep quality, IBS, joint pain, energy levels and anxiety are all improving.

I have caved in to the sugar cravings a couple of times and felt crap for it (rush of energy and anxiety followed shortly after by a slump in energy, mood and spike in pain).

Here’s a few examples of meals I’ve had this week, two of which were prepared by the wonderful @sambruce26 (10 points for guessing which two out of three the professional made!)

Breakfast: porridge oats boiled in water, one banana, one teaspoon of honey.

Lunch: Tuna ribbon salad, with courgette, carrot parsley, ginger, spring onion, green bean and lime dressing with spiced brown rice

Dinner: pan fried Salmon with roasted courgette, garlic, green beans, dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar and edamame bean pasta.

All delicious, all nutritious and all ingredients from Aldi so finance friendly too!

#FIBROMYALGIA #FIBROFACEOFF #feedyourfibro #foodyfriday #invisibleillness

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