I don’t mean to brag…


Followers with fibro will know just how victorious I feel right now having been through a really rough flare up that started approx 3 weeks ago.

This flare has been accompanied and triggered by new pains in my back and neck following a little bump in the car, leaving me dependent on loved ones and health professionals every day since. I’ve missed out on loads of personal and vocational fun times and felt pretty down and out most days as a result.

HOWEVER this morning: I DIDN’T instantly reach for pain relief, I DID independently make it down the stairs without shouting and cursing, I DID make my own breakfast, I DID start jotting down notes for Fibro Face Off Episiode 2, AND THEN I very much DID make it back UP the stairs unassisted with my breakfast on a tray, DIDN’T drop or spill anything in the process and I then CHOSE to treat myself to breakfast in bed in sheets that I INDEPENDENTLY changed MYSELF last night! Oh and one other little thing…I did ALL of this WITHOUT an alarm and BEFORE 7.30am.

I WILL now be sensible and take the pain relief my body is starting to shout at me for because whilst the energy is on the up, the fog is beginning to clear, the flare is still present and my ability to independently achieve the to do lists that inevitably rack up whilst your forced to rest will continue to be variable for quite a while. But today has been a GREAT start and I am not ashamed to share it! #FIBROMYALGIA #GOODmorning #FIBROFACEOFF #flareup #invisibleillness #disability #bragging #breakfastinbed #selfcare

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