Since opening my @fibrofaceoff account I have been inspired and encouraged by images and stories shared and tagged #babewithamobilityaid

For years I have considered getting a stick but due to my own self consciousness, stubbornness and the fact that Fibromyalgia is not something that is visible I allowed myself for too long to worry about judgements, questions or comments.

Thanks to this hashtag I explored the idea with friends and family (who rightly pretty much said: get over yourself, if it makes walking less painful who cares what others think).

I bought my first stick mid April this year and it is without doubt one of the best things i have invested in since I got diagnosed.The more I use it, the more comfortable and confident I feel. It isn’t impossible to walk without it but it sure is more comfortable, less draining and much less ear ache for those around me.
If I could go back in time and tell myself 6 years ago how much easier life would be WITH it I would.

I have so much more to say about how much better life is with a stick but I’ll save it for the upcoming vlogs. For now though I am declaring that I am officially part of the coolest club I’ve seen on Instagram and I am super proud to be one of the many babes with a mobility aid!

#babewithamobilityaid #FIBROFACEOFF #FFO #FIBROMYALGIA #invisibleillness #sticklife #givelessflips #beproud #bankholidaytrip #funinthesun #gower

Ps. I am currently on the look out for a new stick as I have really worked this one hard (Glastonbury fest and two trips to the beach) so if anyone has any recommendations (I love pretty and bright but the comfier the handle and less clicky the extension the better) drop me a link please!


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