THIS is Debbie Atkinson. She works for Wyvern Business Systems. Debbie came to visit me in my home to assess, measure and recommend office equipment to assist me and my physical needs appropriately in my quest to study Psychology and Counselling through the Open University.

Having had a tough start to the week trying to get my head round Universal credit, ESA and chasing my PIP application Debbie brought fun laughter and support to my door on a day that I needed it more than I thought. 
I would like to thank Debbie, Wyvern Business Systems, Student finance England, The Open University and Brenton and Co (who assessed me recently for some technology to assist me with my studies) for their care, support and understanding through this process. I am astonished and humbled by the support that is offered and accessible. Despite being totally overwhelmed by forms, interviews and tests I am starting to feel really positive about my studies! I am forever grateful for the approach taken by all the individuals I have met through this process to date- you really have no idea how easy and reassuring you have made this process and I cannot sing your praises enough!

#sfe#openuniversity #dsa #brentonandco #wbs #FIBROFACEOFF #FFO #supported #feelingpositive 


For more information or to start your own application for DSA follow this link:

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