Fibro to Fibro

Late Autumn last year I had the honour and privilege of a fellow Fibro warrior getting in touch to seek my advice and suggestions for climbing Kilimanjaro. I would like to apologise publicly for the length of time it has taken to get back in full with the advice sought as well as thank them for getting in touch. This contact has not only boosted my ego slightly that someone thinks my opinion is worth asking for but has also inspired me to take a new focus and direction with the blog.

For months now I have been looking for a way to develop the blog work, gain a new focus and share other people’s stories, successes and challenges as well as continue to share my own. I’d like to do this in a number of ways eg vlog, podcast, sharing blogs that I have been comforted by at 3am (when I can’t sleep and desperately need something to relate to), and I would like to continue to develop my skills and interests in writing.

If you have experience of living with Fibro, are supporting a friend or family member with Fibro, whether you were diagnosed recently or years ago I would like to hear from you! Let’s get talking, let’s explore together the developments made around us and with us and let’s support each other near and far.

Fibro isn’t a one size fits all type of condition and no matter how wide spread your physical support network is, it can feel totally isolating and infuriating (even on the good days) when you aren’t speaking with people who truly understand the daily and often hourly changes your mind and body can experience.

Since climbing Kilimanjaro in January 2017 I have faced a lot of physical and mental challenges. Although the willing was there to write and share these challenges my focus and attention has been spent more on exploring new avenues and managing my condition and trying to keep myself sane and well for the sake of my family. 12 months on From Kilimanjaro my mental health and well-being started to suffer greatly due to circumstances around me. I am very grateful to my family and the NHS for taking me seriously when I have approached for help. I am especially grateful to those family members who clocked my deterioration before I had taken it seriously myself.

I am sure those of you who are already in the know about causes and symptoms of flare ups it’s often easy to shrug off fibro flares as ‘normal’, I know this because I often do. However in my experience of being well and truly managing my condition the flare ups of fibro and its widespread pain aren’t at all normal. For me they are triggered by stress. If I am not managing my stress I am not managing my condition. If the stress builds and my flare ups continue for longer periods than is normal for me, this affects my mental health. If my mental health isn’t in check I will lose days and weeks to feeling down, unmotivated and hard done by-a sad lonely feeling that once you are in feels practically impossible to shake.

I am starting to feel more focussed and on track for a brighter 2019. Focussing less on physical challenges and shifting it to focus on my overall well-being and future goals. I would like to help others where I can and promote a supportive space for others going through the physical and mental battles thrown at us.

I have a few ideas about topics to cover, if you have anything specific you think I should focus on, experiences of your own you would like to discuss and share please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It is after all good to talk!

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