For those of you who aren’t connected to my personal social media, I have an announcement to make…I DID IT!

I say ‘I’ like it was me, and only me that achieved the end goal. It wasn’t at all. Myself and every single one of my team mates conquered that beautiful bastard rock! Each of us on our own personal journey, conquering hopes dreams and fears each day! 

I will be posting more details, photos and stories from the trip throughout the coming weeks (as well as continuing to back fill the training and journey PRE kili).

At present I am recovering physically and mentally from the epic adventure, very humbled and blessed by the support and well wishes received. 

Thank you all so so much. I really am flabbergasted by all the love. 

Below is the evidence of the summit. To follow will be the tales and tears!

Asante sana x


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