Slight side note here, but one I feel is important to share.

This week, I went to The Royal Albert Hall with a dear friend of mine. She very kindly treated me to tickets for Soundcrash. The line-up featured The Hidden Orchestra, The Pharcyde, Submotion Orchestra and what was an unfamiliar name to me, Andreya Triana.

There were many stand out moments, but one moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget is getting totally lost in the lyrics and sweet tones of Andreya Triana’s ‘Song for a friend’.

Like many others, I find music has helped me through the years to move on from hard times, summed up my happiness, marked a moment and offered comfort. ‘Song for a friend’ has officially been added to my songs that add comfort and perspective playlists.

Hearing it for the first time, live and in that setting I was completely mesmerised. It brought home to me how tough a year 2016 has been for so many people that I know and love. So this post is for everyone I hold dear to my heart and anyone who has found this year to be a bit overwhelming.

Grab a brew, take a moment and give it a listen. If you feel drawn to share it with someone who could do with reminding there is support out there then do so.

As tough and surreal a year this has been for many, we’ll soon be facing a new one with new challenges, heart breaks and happiness. Offer your support to others where you feel able to. Lean on those who offer it to you. Allow yourself some space and take each day as it comes.



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